Empty Homes

empty homes

Empty Properties can lead to social, economic and environmental concerns including:

* Creating eyesores which are a target for nuisance and anti-social behaviour
* Decreasing the value of neighbouring properties.
* Contributing to the housing shortage.
* Increasing pressure for housing development on Greenfield sites to meet housing demand.
* Increasing the burden on Public Health, Building Control, Fire Authority and Police Services.

What is the Council's role?

Empty property owners are responsible for their properties, but if an owner is unsure what to do with their property, or the property is causing problems in the community, then the Council can help. Torfaen Council has an officer who can work with owners and other Council services to bring these properties back into use.


Empty Property Landlord Loan

Torfaen Council in partnership with the Welsh Government are currently offering interest free loans to assist empty property owners to bring their properties back into use. 

The Empty Property Loan has been developed to offer interest free loans to renovate and/or convert empty properties so that they are suitable for reoccupation. 

Individuals and companies can apply for a loan, if they already own an empty property or are considering buying an Empty Property in Torfaen. Loans can only be made available for properties that have been empty for at least six months or more (but it need not have been owned by the applicant for that period).  

Money is paid up front to the owner and will need to be repaid within; 2 years - if the property is to be sold (the loan must be repaid in full once the property is sold) or 5 years (if the property is to be rented).  

All loans can be repaid earlier if the applicant wishes to do so.  

There are no monthly repayments, the full amount is repaid at the end of the specified period. 

The maximum loan amount you can apply for is £25,000 per property or unit, up to a total maximum of £250,000 per applicant.  

Please note that any loan offered, taking into account any existing mortgage cannot exceed 80% of the current property value. The loan approved must be secured by a first or second charge being secured against the property. If there is an existing mortgage on the property we need the lenders to consent to secure our charge.

How do I report an empty home?

If a private property is empty and causing problems please contact Torfaen Council on 01495 762200.

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