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This page provides links to information on a range of property issues including noise pollution, pest control and health and safety.

If you are living in a rental property we advise contacting your landlord first to resolve any issues


Pest Management

Pests pose a range of health hazards, can cause damage to structures and make urban areas undesirables. So adequate pest control is essential.  Torfaen Council has a dedicated Animal and Pest control team which offer a range of services.  For more information from Torfaen Council Click Here

Noise pollution

While we must accept a certain degree of noise, there are some types that are extreme and can have a damaging effect on our health. Where excessive noise does occur, Environmental Health Practitioners can investigate and suggest solutions to the problem.  For more information from Torfaen Council Click Here 

Housing Health and Safety

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is an evaluation tool to asisst with the identification of hazards and poor housing conditions, addressing all key issues that affect health and safety. Hazards are rated according to their seriousness and the effect they are having, or could have, on the occupants. Environmental Health Practitioners use the system to raise standards in the private sector and minimise hazards in properties. For more details contact the Public Health Team: 01495 762200 or click here to visit Torfaen Council

Antisocial Behaviour

Antisocial behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person's quality of life. If antisocial behaviour is affecting you contact Community Safety Team (01633 628992) or Crime and Disorder Reduction officer at your local police station.

Drainage & Sewers

Responsibility for unblocking / repairing sewers depends upon whether the sewer is private or public.

Public sewers - These have been adopted by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water 0800 085 5935.

Private sewers - These have not been adopted, so are the responsibility of the persons sharing the sewer. The Council's Public Health Team can determine the extent of a problem and the action required to resolve it. Public Health Team: 01633 647622. For more information on drainage and sewers click here to visit Torfaen Council

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health



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