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Are you considering privately renting?

There is a good selection of private rented properties in Torfaen offering tenants more:

Choice (in the type of property they choose to live in)

Flexibility (in the area in which they wish to live)

Speed (with many properties available now)

This section will look at some of the issues you need to consider when renting privately.


How much will it cost?

There are a number of costs that you must consider when renting a property, but with the right advice and information you can ensure that you are able to afford your:

* Rent
* Council Tax
* Utilities - Gas, Electric, Water
* Other household or living costs

Rent and Council Tax

If you are on a low income, you may qualify to receive help towards your Rent and/or Council Tax in the form of Housing and Council Tax Benefit. The maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be paid depends on the size of the property that your household needs and is set by Local Housing Allowance rates. For more information or to make a claim, contact a member of the new claims team on 0800 028 2569.

Utilities and Other Costs

The cost of utilities can vary depending on the size, location and energy efficiency of your property. There are a number of schemes available that can offer advice to households to become more energy efficient. 

Plan your budget

Whether you are currently living in private rented accommodation or looking to move into a private rented tenancy, it is important to plan your budget. For further help, you can use the Money Advice Service online budget planner.

Paying a Bond

Many landlords and letting agents require a bond from tenants to cover the cost of any damage or unpaid rent. The amount of bond is usually equivalent to one months rent although this can vary. If you are unable to raise your own bond there may be schemes that can assist you. Torfaen County Borough Council currently work in partnership with Pobl to provide bond assistance. For more information on whether you would be eligible for assistance with a bond please contact Pobl on 01633 225092.

Remember: if you pay a cash bond directly to a landlord or letting agent, it must be registered with one of the government’s authorised Tenancy Deposit Schemes.

How long can I stay in my tenancy?

Most Private Rented Tenancies are Assured Shorthold and will usually be offered for an intial 6 or 12 month period. However, it is important to note that this is only a fixed term and not the duration of the tenancy itself. After the expiry of a fixed term, if no further agreement is signed you will automatically become a statutory periodic tenant. A tenancy can only be brought to an end where notice has been served by either the tenant or the landlord, in accordance with the tenancy agreeement and housing legislation. For more information on notices, please refer to the Guide for Tenants.




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