Housing Support

George Lansbury

Do you require support or advice to help you live independently?

Housing support can help people to live independently through both in-house support and specialised accommodation. The following section provides information on the services and homes available in Torfaen.


What is housing support?

Housing support can help you access the tools and skills needed to live independently in your own home. Some examples of housing support include:

 - Help with budgeting and paying your bills
 - Setting up a home
 - Gaining access to benefits advice and support
 - Accessing a range of services
 - Developing practical living skills
 - Accessing training, education and unemployment

Housing support is suitable for a variety of people with low-level support needs. For example, you may want housing support if you:

 - have a learning disability
 - have a mental health issue
 - have a sensory impairment or physical disability
 - are a young person in their first tenancy
 - are a young single parent
 - are moving into a tenancy after being homeless
 - are at risk of becoming homeless
 - have recently been discharged from prison
 - have drug or alcohol dependency issues

If you think that you would benefit from housing support, you could contact the Supporting People Team: 01495 766949

For support for young people looking to start up their own home visit the Support For Young People section.

What is supported accommodation?

Supported accommodation can help vulnerable people to live independently. Some examples of supported accommodation include extra care homes, sheltered accommodation, hostel, and group homes. Some schemes provide 24-hour care and support to individuals. If there is ‘care’ provided, this would be funded by Social Services.

What are home adaptations?

Home adaptations can enable elderly or disabled people to live an independent lifestyle in their own home. For further information visit the Home Adaptations page.

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