Supporting People

Supporting People

Supporting People is a Welsh Government funded programme that provides housing related support for vulnerable people. The programme aims to support vulnerable people to maximise, maintain and sustain their independence through the provision of a range of innovative services and projects.


Who do Supporting People help?

The Supporting People Programme can provide housing related support services to people with a range of different vulnerabilities, such as:  

* People experiencing domestic abuse
* People with learning disabilities
* People with mental health issues
* * People with alcohol or drug dependency
* Minority groups (e.g. BME groups, Gypsy or Travelling communities)
* People with physical disabilties (including those with sensory impairments)
* People with Developmental Disorders (i.e. Autism)
* People with refugee status
* Young People 16 - 24 with support needs (including those leaving care)
* People with criminal offending history
* People experiencing chronic illnesses (including those with HIV or AIDS)
* Single parents and vulnerable families
* People over 55 years of age with Support Needs (exclusive of alarm services)
* Single People with Support Needs not listed above (25 to 54)

What support is available?
Supporting People provides funding for supported accommodation and housing related support to help vulnerable people to live as independently as possible in the community. 

Supporting People only funds housing support but this can be part of a wider package of co-ordinated support (with other support funded in different ways). 

Some examples of the support funded through Supporting People:

* Setting up and maintaining a home
* Basic life skills training
* Help with personal safety and security (including alarm systems)
* Emotional support and advice
* Home visits on a regular basis
* Supervision and monitoring of health and well-being
* Help in developing social skills and managing behaviour
* Help with managing a budget and claiming benefits
* Advice, advocacy and liaison with organisations

In Torfaen, this support is provided in a variety of ways:
* Accommodation-based schemes e.g. alarm services, group homes for people with learning disabilities or mental health issues, women's refuges and hostels for homeless people
*Floating support schemes - Floating support visits people in their own homes or other venues i.e. Torfaen Floating Support (TFS) and the Financial Inclusion Team.

Torfaen Supporting People Strategy

In 2018, Torfaen launched its Supporting People Strategy, setting out its vision and priorities for the next 3 years. The strategic priorities contained with the strategy were developed through consultation with a broad range of stakeholders and the delivery of the strategy will be supported by an annual operational plan. To view the strategy, click here.

How can I find out more information?

To find out more information about the Supporting People Programme you can contact the Supporting People Team on 01495 766949