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‘The Big Conversation – The Torfaen We Want’

There is a new law for Wales called the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. 

The new law wants to make Wales a better place to live and says that public bodies, such as the Council, the Police or the Health Board, need to make sure that when they make decisions they consider how they will affect people living in Wales in the future. 

The Torfaen Public Services Board (a collection of local organisations) are working together to improve well-being locally and have idenitified 3 priorities:

  • A healthier Torfaen
  • A wealthier Torfaen
  • A Torfaen where natural resources are protected and enhanced to make Torfaen a positive place to live and work

But public services can't do everything, so they need the support of local communities. 

To give your views on how everyone can work together in Torfaen to achieve the 3 priorities, please complete the short survey.

Your views will be included in the Well-Being Plan and will help the Public Service Board to achieve its objectives and help make Torfaen a better place both now and in the future.

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07 Aug 2017 11:42