Energy saving tips

Energy Tips

By adopting some simple steps, you can reduce your energy bills 

  • Turn your thermostat
  • Turn appliances off  
  • Wash wisely 
  • Only fill a kettle with the water you need.
  • Mend any dripping taps 


Energy Efficient Installations

Keep the heat in: A 1/3 of household heat is lost through the walls. Cavity wall installation can save you up to £160 a year. 

Look up: Insulating your loft with 10"/25cm of insulation can reduce your heating costs by a 1/4. 

See the light: Replacing 1 old style light bulb with an energy saving light bulb, can reduce costs by up to £78 over the lifetime of the bulb. Plus they last up to 12 times longer than ordinary bulbs!

Say good bye to your old boiler: If your boiler is over 15 years old, consider changing to a new energy efficient boiler. High efficiency condensing boilers can save up to 1/3 of your annual heating costs.  

Damp and mould

Damp and mould in a property is a hazard and increases the likelihood of developing asthma. In most circumstances damp, condensation and mould growth can be avoided by changing living habits. The following document provides advice on alleviating condensation and mould: Condensation & Mould

Grants and Discounts

Installing energy efficient measures in your home may not cost as much as you think and you may be eligible for a grant or discount. To find the right offer for you, search the Energy Saving Trust's Grants & Discounts Database.

Energy saving measures

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