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Are you looking to rent a property from a housing association?


The Council no longer owns any council houses, flats or sheltered housing complexes. All Social Housing properties previously owned by Torfaen Council were transferred to Bron Afon Community Housing.

If you are looking for social rented accommodation in Torfaen, you need to register with Homeseeker.


What is Homeseeker?

Homeseeker is a common housing register for the allocation of social housing properties in Torfaen.  It is a partnership between:

Torfaen County Borough Council
Bron Afon Community Housing
Melin Homes
Charter Housing
Hafod Housing Association
Linc Cymru
United Welsh

Homeseeker is run as a Choice Based Lettings scheme. This means that applicants have the opportunity to see which properties are available to rent and can choose whether or not to express an interest in one (for which they are eligible). The process of expressing an interest is called bidding.

How does Homeseeker work?

Anyone wishing to join the register must complete an online application form, which can be accessed at torfaenhomeseeker.org.uk

Full instructions and guidance notes on how to register and bid for properties are available on the Homeseeker website.

(If you do not have internet access, you can receive help by phoning 01495 742409, or visiting a Customer Care Centre and using a designated laptop, free of charge).

Once registered with Homeseeker you will be able to:

  • View weekly advertisements with details of all properties available for rent
  • View and search for properties online
  • Bid for properties online (subject to certain criteria, e.g. number of people in family, age)
  • Update and renew your registration online
  • Contact us and leave messages on the website

When someone applies to join Homeseeker, their application is assessed and prioritised based on their level of housing need. Homeseeker uses different 'Bands' to measure the different levels of need, so the greater their need, the higher their band. 

Once an application has been registered and banded, the applicant will be issued with a registration number and they can then start to Bid. An applicant can bid on up to 4 properties in each weekly advert.

When all bids have been received and the advert has closed, applicants are placed on a shortlist. Your place on the shortlist will depend on your band and 'effective date'. 

There are a number of ways to bid:

Already registered with Homeseeker?

To ensure the Homeseeker register is accurate and up to date, a re-registration process is carried out monthly. Homeseeker contact every applicant on the anniversary of the date of their registration, to ask whether they wish to remain on the register and to update their application with any changes of circumstance. Contact will be made via email (if an email address has been provided) or via letter.

Once you receive this letter or email - DO NOT IGNORE IT.
Failure to re-register with us within 28 days will result in the removal of your application from the Homeseeker Register. If this happens, you will lose your waiting time and you will have to register a new application. No reminder correspondence will be sent.

For further information about re-registration contact the Homeseeker team directly.

Other options

There is a severe shortage of affordable homes in Torfaen. Most applicants on the Homeseeker register will have to wait a very long time for housing, particularly if they are in one of the lower priority bands. So you may wish to consider some other housing options.

The Housing Options Wizard can provide you with information about any additional housing options for which you may be eligible. This is a personalised service that gives options based on your own circumstances. Some of these additional options may include:

Seren Living Letting Agency

If you are a landlord who would like to have their property rented and managed by a Housing Association, then Seren Living may be able to help.

Waiting Time Calculator

If you want to find out, approximately, how long it might take to get a Housing Association Property on our Homeseeker Register please use our Waiting Time Calculator

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Housing Options Wizard

Waiting Time Calculator

Bron Afon Community Housing

Melin Homes

Charter Housing

Hafod Housing

Linc Cymru

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